December 05th, 2018

Christmas Traditions Around the World - Dominic Tidey EuRA C.O.O


Bavaria & Austria


Father Christmases demonic companion Krampus is a central part of the Christmas tradition of the German speaking Alpine region.  December 5th is Krampusnacht when Krampus reigns, with people dressing up as the scary demon and parading through towns frightening and beating bystanders!  Bad children don’t get presents; if they’re lucky they get a bundle of sticks, if they’re unlucky they get beaten!  December 6th is Nikolastaug and for all the children who have not been beaten, abducted, damned or drowned, good old St Nick, hands out gifts.  So next time your kids are driving you nuts, tell them about Krampus and prepare for them never to sleep on their own again!


Dominic Tidey is the C.O.O of EuRA, the European Relocation Association.  EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organisation EuRA aims to promote the benefits of a professionally managed relocation to companies with globally mobile employees.

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