July 25th, 2019

The EuRApean Editorial, June 2019 - Dom Tidey C.O.O.

Dom Tidey

EuRA 2019 Munich has come and gone and we were delighted to welcome over 700 guests to the event from over 60 countries.  It was a particular pleasure for me and the team and Board to welcome over 150 brand new delegates.  

So now we start on projects for the coming year and including new and exciting training and research initiatives.  I was delighted to see Briony Horwood our Operations Manager take a spot with our other intrepid Ignite speakers to try and show what happens throughout the year when we’re not at the conference.  As she eloquently put it, we are a small, lean team and it’s one of our primary objectives to make EuRA work for the members - increasing member benefits while not increasing their costs.  Let’s face it, you all have to do the same when re assessing your service portfolios and prices and so do we.  

EuRA is extremely lucky to have support from a seriously loyal and talented team.  Apart from the team at HQ, we rely on our amazing team of volunteers to deliver the conference.  Each year our EuRA-Stars take their place front of house and it’s not generally acknowledged that they’re not EuRA employees, they are fantastic volunteers who give their time, energy and passion to make the event special.  Led by our Members Services Executive, Maree Turner who oversees bookings and check in, we have the brilliant Christian, Laura, Lisa and Clarissa, who work so hard and we could not do what we do without them.  Maree will be joining us in Ho Chi Minh

As you probably know, we rely on a team of amazing Strategic Consultants to act as the project managers of EuRA’s core activities and it’s my job to work with this brilliant group to push projects forward that enhance the value of EuRA to our members.  Gordon Kerr, Martina Scharwey, Peggy Love and Carmelina Lawton Smith head up legal, quality, content and education respectively and their passion, dedication and expertise have lifted our projects to new heights.

But none of this would happen without the wisdom and commitment of the EuRA Executive Group.  Working as a true team, the Group take every decision they make with the interests of the wider membership at their core.  This group give a huge amount of time away from their own businesses as volunteers for the greater benefit of the industry.  They are not paid, they work so hard and they are the true ambassadors of EuRA.  Our new President Michèle Bramstoft is placing Recognition for the industry at the core of her work over the coming two years and has some exciting ideas to help EuRA raise the profile of the brilliant people of mobility.

So it has been a true pleasure yet again to be at the heart of another terrific EuRA event, but none of this would happen without the brilliance of all our EuRA Stars.  

Finally it was with sadness that we said goodbye to Maria Manly as a permanent member of EuRA HQ.  Maria has worked with us for 12 years and in that time has led many projects from research and publishing, to social media.  I’m delighted that her reason for leaving is to follow her passion for yoga and teaching and also delighted that she will stay on as editor of the EuRApean, so if you have news, articles, or anything else to contribute her contact details stay the same.  

We have lots planned for the coming year so please keep an eye on our social media and bulletins - The members who get the most out of EuRA are the members who use EuRA the most.  Check out the EuRA Academy, sign up all our training is FREE! 

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Full details of how to use the system and create your logins and get your free to access coupons are on our Training Page

Our next event, in Ho Chi Minh, will be terrific and if you’d like to join us, bookings are now online.  Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

Dom Tidey

Managing Editor

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