July 24th, 2019

Session Summary - Working with Direct Clients

DSP Clients

Moderators; Peggy Love EuRA SC Content, Anita Meyer EuRA Past President

Speakers; Sylvia Ehrlich Intrepid Relocation, Maddalena Michieli Professional Relo, Sophie Rehberg Professional Organizing


For the past several years we have received feedback from members about the idea to have a conference session about DSPs working with direct clients. This year in Munich, as a trial, we offered this session. It was designed to be an addition and a complement to the DSP RMC session.

We had no idea if we would have 5 attendees or 100 attendees, but we were prepared to offer a discussion with three experienced company leaders who all have the majority of their business coming from direct clients. In the event it was standing room only.

The presenters represented companies from three different countries; Germany, Italy and the United States. The moderators were former company leaders, one who worked both with RMCs and direct clients and one who worked exclusively with direct clients.

The session was designed to be an open forum in which the panelists and the audience shared ideas, challenges and best practices with one another. Attendance was great – the room was packed and the discussion was informative and interesting. The moderators asked questions that were designed to encourage the three panelists to share their expertise through stories.

Audience participation was good and, all in all, the session was informative. All DSPs operate in their own style depending on the customs and cultures of both their countries and the corporate cultures of their clients. The best practices that the panelists shared could be applied in many ways for all DSPs who currently work with direct clients or would like to work with direct clients. Thank you to all who participated in the first annual DSP Workshop. 

This session was recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel

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