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The 2018 Top 10 Cities for Expats

Mercer has just released its top 10 cities for expats list, 2018.  To me, it seems a very intangible thing to measure.  One persons love of the vibrant chaos of Bangkok, is the opposite of anothers’ love of the order and serenity of Zurich.  However, based on an assessment of overall quality of life based on factors such as the stability of the political environment, economics including cost of living, the quality of public services and access to recreation, Mercer have made a pretty good ranking list of great places to live.  So, in reverse order: 10 - Sydney - tie

Intercultural Word of the Week - Backpfeifengesicht

This German word is used to describe a face that’s in need of a good punch, as in, ‘good grief, he’s got a right backpfeifengesicht… that face is just asking to be punched’.


Dominic Tidey is the C.O.O. of EuRA, the European Relocation Association.  EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organisation EuRA aims to promote the benefits of a professionally managed relocation to companies with globally mobile employees.



Expat Advisors Spain

Beckham Law and tax benefits for Expats in Spain

Beckham Law and tax benefits for Expats in Spain Individuals who acquire tax residency in Spain as a result of a labor transfer, can choose to pay as non-residents, being subject to lower tax rates than those that apply to traditional tax residents.  
Di nihau

Intercultural Word of the Week - Di nihau

Intercultural Word of the Week - Di nihau

This fantastic Vietnamese term means “meeting with friends to have a cheap beer at a street stall, eat small snacks and chat”!

We’re running our EuRA Global Conference 2019 in Ho Chi Minh, 20-22 November.