Marina Držića

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EuRA Foundation Charity 2018 - Marina Držića

Each year we support a charity operating in the city or country which hosts the EuRA International Relocation Congress. 
This is a Special school for children in need which have a form of illness such as Down syndrome, cerebral paralysis, and other forms of learning disabilities.  This school is funded by the state with the minimum funds and it does not receive donations very often. 


Feature: “Moving from Customer Service to Customer Success: Enhancing mobility with Tech Solutions”

Historically, the business world has been divided relatively strictly into two separate areas; pre-sale and post-sale. Recently, however, more professionals are becoming wise to the fact that this is not only a poor way of thinking about business but is also harmful to companies. This conventional but damaging thought process has created two distinct groups of workers when it comes to business-customer relationships; sales for the pre-sale, and customer service for post-sale. 

Gordon Kerr

Legal Report - Gordon Kerr - EuRA Strategic Consultant Legal Services

The area of legal compliance currently dominating discussions in the relocation industry is, of course, data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The GDPR goes "live" on 25th May and I have highlighted below the various forms of training and support which EuRA will be providing to its members over the next few months.  In particular, look out this month for the new EuRA Guide to the GDPR, which aims to explain the practical compliance steps which relocation businesses should now be taking.


RMC DSP Forum Report - By Dominic Tidey

The EuRA RMC DSP Forum is tasked with the tricky remit of improving communication between these two vital stakeholders in our industry.  When I joined EuRA 20 years ago there was a great deal of negative feeling from the DSP’s and I’m really delighted to be part of this initiative.  There is no doubt that the tone of the discussion has improved immeasurably over the last two decades.  EuRA is able to provide an impartial forum for open debate and we hope to widen this out to the delegates at the Dubrovnik conference.