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The 2018 WERC Global Workforce Symposium took place in the terrific East Coast city of Seattle.

The GWS is one of the biggest events in the global mobility calendar and EuRA members from across the world came into Seattle to attend this and other partner and RMC conferences across the US, from Denver to Nebraska.  But also mainly of course, for the annual EuRA USA reception!


CEO Report - Why is EuRA an "NFP"?

Autumn for me means conference season; both our own EuRA Global event and those of our mobility partners, CERC, IAM and WERC.  EuRA has built strong relationships with our partners in mobility and we are working closer together in the best interests of our members.  One of the areas we are looking at closer collaboration is in the training realm.  Dominic and our team of brilliant minds led by Carmelina Lawton Smith, our Strategic Consultant for Education, have been working on expanding our MIM qualification into a truly unique, free, continuing professional development programme.  This lau


Christmas Traditions Around the World - Dominic Tidey EuRA C.O.O

Bavaria & Austria


Intercultural Map

THE KEY TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SUCCESS: Cultural Skills in the Global Mobility Arena……………..

With the rise of the Global Manager, and the importance of understanding and communicating from one culture to another, there has never been a greater need for Global Mobility Specialists to appreciate the contribution that Cultural Awareness makes to creating an agile talent pool and ensuring the success of overseas assignments.

Staggering statistics indicate that at least one in every four International Assignments fail!