The Perils of Lump Sum Relo Packages

Dominic Tidey - EuRA C.O.O. There is a growing popularity for lump sum relocation packages.    The concept has been around for decades and has frequently been a way for companies to speed up the process of getting an employee from point a to point b swiftly. The Basics

Tips for Relocation Companies – Ep. 06 – Tenancy and Expense Management 101


Running a tenancy and expense management program can be a significant burden for many HRs and organisations, and the need for outsourcing is high. This creates an opportunity for relocation companies. In fact, you might already be doing it without even knowing.


Intercultural Word of the Week - Kummerspeck

This German expression means the wright we gain from emotional eating. Kumerpeck consists of two words, kummer meaning sorrow or anxiety and speck, meaning bacon or fat. Babyspeck means baby fat, winterspeck means winter fat, Kummerspeck however is most often translated to mean grief bacon. An example os its use can be seen in this newspaper headline;

Kummerspeck nach Ehe-Aus: Heidi Klum hat zugenommen (‘Sorrow Fat following marriage breakup: Heidi Klum has put on weight’) Hamburger Abendblatt

or in this sentiment;

Goa beach

#EuRAGOA Global Conference 2018

In what has been a very exciting 20th year for EuRA, the buzz around the Goa Global conference was intense!  It was such a huge pleasure to be in India but greater still was the pleasure of meeting our members in such an incredible setting.  Over three days, we talked, learned, networked and made new friends.  Now in its third year, the EuRA Global Conference was the brainchild of past president Anita Meyer, who held a clear vision for her presidency which was to truly make EuRA a global organisation that was capable of representing its members all over the world.  We started in Cape Town a