Coronavirus - Impact on Members


Business Continuity - EuRA Members' Challenges

The unfolding coronavirus outbreak is causing a great deal of uncertainty for EuRA members across the world.  With the noise of information coming from the media it's sometimes difficult to get a true picture of the situation and the best way to respond.

We are putting together a MIM programme on the EuRA Academy.  Our brilliant Strategic Consultants, Dr Carmelina Lawton Smith (Education) Martina Scharwey (Quality) and Gordon Kerr (Legal) will be adding content to help members to prioritise the strategies they use to keep services being delivered during this challenging time.  

The first part is online now and we will be adding the others shortly.

Don't forget all qualifications in the MIM Programme are now 100% free to all members

To access the EuRA Academy click here

If you come across an article or would like to let others know about your strategies or situation, please let me know,

Very best

Dom Tidey, EuRA C.O.O.

MIM Qualifications Now 100% Free to Members

We know that EuRA members across the world are grappling with the impact of the coronavirus. 

Members are telling us that some of their teams are now working from home or have a lessened workload as assignments get postponed or restructured.

We really want to help in some way so we're offering all members access to the MIM and MIM+ programmes for free on an honour basis.  Not just the content which is already free, but to the quizzes and certifications.  Currently each full MIM Quiz Module costs €50 - so if you were to qualify for the full MIM Fixed Syllabus programme that would be a €200 cost per person.  For the next month access to MIM and MIM+ qualifications will be free.

We are making the programme available to any member who has staff working from home or in self isolation, or to teams whose workload is down on normal. 

This is on an honour basis and we hope that it will help in some small way.

We're going to make the codes available to members for the next month, until April 10th and we'll see where we all are by then.

If you'd like to have access to the codes just login and click on "Get Your Coupon Codes"

To access this page you will need to use your EuRA Membership Login. 

Contact us if you need a reminder of your login and password.