How do we Define the Value of Wellness as Part of a Mobility Programme?

2021-06-18 - 2021-06-19


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Friday June 18th, 16:00 CET


Tracy Kautzmann Impact Group

Rob Fletcher Heart Relo

Damian Porter William Russell

Lucy Foster Impact Group

We know that employee and family well being & duty of care has been pushed significantly up the agenda since the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020. Remote working, virtual assignments, travel bans and visa restrictions, plus family health concerns have taken their toll. Axa’s World of Work Mind Health Report (2020) cited that 1/5 of international assignees have encountered mental health difficulties in their current placement, and 2/5 agreed that living and working in a new country put a strain on their family life. All of these have a significant impact on retention, performance & productivity, and ultimately the success of the assignment.

As a result, our clients are having to consider employee well being in new ways and at a deeper level than ever before to encourage their talent to take international assignments, and retain and develop that talent throughout the assignment, and beyond.  This has led to many reviewing their policies and providing us with a unique opportunity to offer our insights and expertise and to drive much needed changes in mobility practices.

This panel will consider what well being means both for our corporate clients, and for the assignees and their accompanying household, as well as some of the benefits they could be offering as part of their Global Mobility policies to meet their needs. We will discuss the emerging trends that we are seeing from our clients in regards to well being,   and what more we, as industry experts, could be doing to better anticipate and support our clients and their assignees in this important area of Global Mobility.

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