April 12th, 2019

MIM+ Training “Achieving Business Growth in an Uncertain World”

Susan Ginsberg

This fascinating module takes an in depth look at how growing your business is possible even in uncertain times!  A must MIM+ Module for all entrepreneurs (RMCs, DSPs, and speciality service providers) in Mobility.

We are delighted to launch a new MIM+ module, “Achieving Business Growth in an Uncertain World.” This Learning and Development module introduces tools and methodologies to identify opportunities and craft strategies to help drive business growth in the future. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires new forms of collaboration. Today it is not business as usual. All of us need to learn, lead, and achieve business growth differently. Recognizing the human skills that matter even more as organizations integrate technology to succeed in a fast-paced, digitized environment.  Business leaders must do more to understand the wider context in which we operate, and the unintended consequences of our actions – and adjust our strategies and operations accordingly.

Practioners interested in re-vitalizing their operations or being a catalyst for change will learn about mega trends that impact business, enhance inquiry skills, and understand new rules for organizational success. 

This module includes five components: Establishing a Strategy and Innovation Plan, Developing the Roadmap, Executing the Business Plan, Collaborating for Success, and Optimizing Partnerships. The component on Optimizing Partnerships includes my interview with Daniel Danko, Regional Director, Supplier Development, EMEA Region at Graebel. The module offers resources and innovative processes for professional development to help navigate business uncertainty.

Thank you to EuRA for providing this business development module and sharing business principles and values that have enriched my career. Hopefully you will find this module beneficial and provocative in growing your business. 


Best wishes! 

Susan Ginsberg

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