Current Applicants and New Memberships

We regularly receive applications for new memberships and accept new members into the family of EuRA. You can find a comprehensive overview of them here.

Current Applicants

International Consultants Centre - Full Membership Australia

RESIDE ETUDES APPARTHOTELS - Supplier Membership France

IRS Czech - Supplier Membership Czech Republic - Supplier Membership Italy

Home Explorer - Full Membership France

Switch Relocation - Full Membership France

Lima Relocation Services - Full Membership Peru


Membership of EuRA is subject to approval and applications are reviewed by the Executive Group before they are accepted.  Should you have reasonable grounds to oppose a particular application or membership and you are a Full Member based in Europe (i.e. you have voting rights) please contact us.

New Memberships (last 6 months)


Resident Vietnam - Full Members Vietnam


academia Group Switzerland AG - Supplier Members Switzerland

The Red Relocators GmbH - Full Members Germany



AKA - Supplier Members UK

Mobility Empowered - Supplier Members USA

CTM Relocations - Full Members Ireland

Releconomy AB - Supplier Membership Sweden


TIFRA services - Full Members Czechia

BDO Ltd - Supplier Members Switzerland

Relocation Vietnam - Full Members Vietnam

RESETTLE - Full Members India

Staff Relocation Services de Mexico - Full Members Mexico

Athomeswitzerland - Supplier Members Switzerland


Thelsa Mobility Solutions - Full Members Mexico

Relomar Relocation Services - Associate Members Spain

Solucion Relocation - Full Members Spain

Mac & Young Ltd - Supplier Members UK


Star Worldwide Group Pvt. Ltd - Supplier Members India

P & D Care BV - Full Members Netherlands

Urbandoor - Supplier Members USA

Maxview Group - Full Members China

CSS Consulting - Full Members Spain

Sweden 4 All AB - Supplier Members Sweden

Hasenkamp Relocation Services Spain - Full Members Spain

Premier Destination Services - Full Members USA