Current Applicants and New Memberships

We regularly receive applications for new memberships and accept new members into the family of EuRA. You can find a comprehensive overview of them here.

Current Applicants

EXCLUSIVE Worldwide - Supplier Membership Poland

King & Mayr GmbH & Co.KG - Supplier Membership Germany

Xmovetrans - Supplier Membership Romania

Expath Training & Consulting - Full Membership Germany Ltd - Supplier Membership UK

BS Relocation Services - Full Membership Germany

Star Worldwide Group Pvt. Ltd - Full Membership India

Apex Relocation - Full Membership South Korea

MA NOUVELLE VILLE - Full Membership France

Maxview Group - Supplier Membership China




Membership of EuRA is subject to approval and applications are reviewed by the Executive Group before they are accepted.  Should you have reasonable grounds to oppose a particular application or membership and you are a Full Member based in Europe (i.e. you have voting rights) please contact us.

New Memberships (last 6 months)

December 2018

King & Mayr GmbH & Co.KG - Supplier Members Germany

November 2018

Luxrelo SARL - Upgraded to Full Membership Luxembourg

Smart Apartments AG - Supplier Membership Switzerland

Farnham Castle Intercultural Training - Supplier Members UK

Transworld International - Upgraded to Full Membership Belgium

October 2018

Hudson Mackenzie - Supplier Members UK

IPR Destination Services - Full Membership USA

September 2018

Arpin International Group - Supplier Members United States

August 2018

Frey & Klein Intern. Spedition GmbH - Supplier Members Germany

Global Moving Srl - Supplier Members Italy

Anchor Relocations - Full Members Switzerland

CLS Capital Link Services Pty Ltd - Supplier Members Australia

July 2018

Hasenkamp Relocation - Supplier Members Germany

CDD Relocation SRL - Supplier Members Romania

TCO srl International - Supplier Members Italy

Relocation4U - Associate Membership Germany

City ID Group - Supplier Membership Netherlands