Sustainability White Paper


White Paper "Sustainable Development Goal for DSP's"

The objective of this document is to give DSPs worldwide a framework around which they can develop sustainability policies that suit their business. There are certain aspects of sustainability that will be common to all businesses and in addressing that commonality I will be using the now standard terms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). ESG essentially reflects how businesses like yours, are measuring and reporting on the commitments they are making in these three main areas, to all stakeholders including clients, assignees/customers, suppliers, communities and more. In the evolving global business landscape, ESG has become more than just a measure; it's now a benchmark for responsible and forward-thinking business practices and an indicator of a desire to develop an organisational purpose beyond profit which is now essential for business sustainability as well as sustainable social and environmental practices.

In the process of creating this framework, it became apparent that the components of ESG should be addressed in reverse order and therefore we will start with Governance, then look at the Social and finally the Environmental aspects. The application of good governance will create a business framework that will support environmental and social policies.

This document has been prepared following several online consultations and meetings with EuRA Members across the world.

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ESG White Paper