EuRA Global Quality Seal - Quality Standard 2018 & GDPR

The annual EuRA Global Quality Seal review meeting took place last October and the major change to the 2018/2019 Quality Standard is the incorporation of the General Data Protection Regulation compliance guidelines as they apply to EuRA Members.

The 2018 Quality Standard has now been updated with in-depth descriptions of the requirements that all relocation providers will need to be compliant with so a great deal of the hard work and research has been done and will directly benefit EuRA Members qualifying under the EGQS or re-certifying.

The new Standard was made available last month and re-certifying members may choose whether to certify against the existing standard without the GDPR requirements or against the new standard which includes them.

We will be running a EGQS update webinar on 18th January 2018. Join us to learn about the update to the EGQS Quality Standard for 2018.  Our Strategic Consultant for Quality Martina Scharwey will take members through the updates particularly those related to the new General Data Protection Regulations.  We have incorporated the GDPR requirements into the new Standard which for this year, will be available to all members certifying or re-certifying from February 1st onwards.


We will also run a session at the conference in Dubrovnik for all members. Furthermore, one to one meetings with Martina during the conference will be available, so if you’d like to book a slot, email Martina at