MIM+ Achieving Business Growth in an Uncertain World

Susan Ginsberg

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This fascinating module takes an in depth look at how growing your business is possible even in uncertain times!  A must MIM+ Module for all entrepreneurs (RMCs, DSPs, and speciality service providers) in Mobility.

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Primary Trainer: Susan Ginsberg

This module consists of an Introduction and 6 Components

  • Introduction (including references to introductory legal materials) - NOT assessed

  • Components 

  1. Establishing a Strategy & Innovative Business Plan

  2. Developing the Roadmap

  3. Executing the Business Plan

  4. Collaborating for Success

  5. Optimising Partnerships

In each Component are three Sections:

Section 1 - “Presentation” - a webinar presentation by the primary trainer, 15-30 minutes.  This section is assessed.

Section 2 - “Mandatory Extras” - webinar interviews with relevant experts and further reading, web links to other presentations etc.  This section is assessed.

Section 3 - “Resources” - Where applicable, these are further reading links, links to EuRA, YouTube channel and conference sessions, links to other web based resources etc.  This section is NOT assessed.

Each Component will have an assessment with questions taken from the “Section 1 - Presentation” and “Section 2 - Mandatory Extras”.  Any further information in the “Resources” section is not assessed.  We suggest that you take the assessments as you complete a Component.  

If you deciude to gain your certification, you will need to take the Quiz!  There is a €50 charge at this point.