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Bengaluru, also known as Bangalore, is a bustling city in southern India, with a booming economy and a vibrant culture. It is considered one...

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What is the MIM Programme?

The Managing International Mobility qualification (MIM) starts with four fixed syllabus modules. Now Online and Open and free to access for EuRA Members More...


The EuRA YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel features up to date interviews with members all over the world as well as many filmed sessions from past EuRA Conferences - dive in a take a look! 


EuRA's Guide to GDPR by Gordon Kerr - EuRA's Strategic Consultant for Legal Services

Gordon Kerr has written a comprehensive guide for EuRA Members to explain the main practical implications of the GDPR.


Guide to Legal Compliance

EuRA's Guide to Legal Compliance

Gordon Kerr, EuRA's Strategic Consultant for Legal Services, has written a comprehensive guide for EuRA Members to stay compliant with the law when operating.

This guide is free for all EuRA Members.


MIM+ "Coaching Approaches in Mobility" Programme A Online Now!

We have revised, updated and renamed the EuRA / Oxford Brookes Relocation Coaching programme, which is now "Coaching Approaches to Mobility - CAM" and....

It is now online, for free on the EuRA Academy!

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How to Manage your Profile

How to Manage your Profile

Logging in to the EuRA site allows you to manage your personal profile, book conference tickets and follow our online training sessions. It’s easy managing your profile and company listing. Please click 'read more' to access our detailed 'how to manage your profile' manual for EuRA members.