February 15th, 2022

Situation in Ukraine: the view of ordinary people to Russia-Ukraine tention

Situation in Ukraine

We know that nowadays a lot of attention is focused on Ukraine or, more accurately to say, on the events that may unfold in Ukraine. Before we recovered from the crisis related to endless lockdowns, vaccination programs for the population and implementation of security restrictions for citizens, residents and guests of the country from a terrible disease that we no longer want to name, another issue appeared on the agenda.

We do not undertake to compare or determine seriousness, risks or feasibilities. We would rather want to share information about something else - about how Ukrainian business (and ABEA is among them) reacts to a such situation.

According to data reported by the European Business Association in Ukraine, 47% of the surveyed companies have assured that they will keep working in a normal operation mode. 17% of respondents are ready to move to more western regions of the country. 10% have expressed their willingness to relocate their business abroad. And only 7% are ready to close the company in case of an open external aggression.

Anyway, a classical model of business readiness - optimistic, realistic and pessimistic plans - has been supplemented taking into account possible events. To be forewarned means to be ready.

For our part, we can declare that everything is well in Ukraine. Fragrant bread is being baked, delicious dumplings are being made, various coffee houses open at 8 am, and in the evenings people are rushing to their comfort homes or to meet friends who are ready to wash away the worries of the day in conversations, dances or household chores. Social and cultural projects are being created throughout the country, people are fighting for their rights, for the preservation of certain buildings in the city and for the development of inclusive platforms. Students continue to study, young people continue to get married, and ABEA continues to answer all kinds of questions and help foreigners to improve their life and work in Ukraine.

We will survive!

With care for you, ABEA Relocation Team

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