December 13th, 2017

EuRA Foundation Update

EuRA Foundation Update

2017 Charity - WARSAW

This year we raised over €25,000 for Warsaw based Protecting Wings to help them convert part of one of their children’s homes into a play area. The works in the basement has already started. A lot was already done and hopefully will be finished in October More pics coming soon!

2016 Charity - MALTA

Our donations of €20,000 helped to fund Inspire’s Winter Programme. This programme targeted children with disability who attend mainstream schools and who follow an adapted school/class. The programme worked on the principle of cooperation between Inspire staff/volunteers and Learning Support Assistants, where together we work hand in hand in supporting children to achieve their individual goals. 
This service was offered free of charge but running it cost Inspire €700 per child. Between September and May around 240 children benefitted from this programme! 

2015 Charity - PORTO

For this charity we raised €20,000! Well over our target!
The money has gone towards the purchase of a new bus for the home for teenage boys in Porto.

The children of the hospice have made this gorgeous painting for us! Thank you so much again!

2016 Charity - CAPE TOWN

The funding received from EuRA contributed towards the implementation of the gold Model in Southern Africa. In the period December 2016 to June 2017 the gold-youth Model was implemented in 54 schools and their communities. 2,160 adolescent ‘peer educators’ were trained and mentored and 54 jobs were created through the gold Facilitator internship programme Peer educators were trained in a number of topics and empowered to then share this information with their peers. 
Topics covered: Being a Peer Educator, My Values, My Self Esteem & Vision, My Sexuality, Reasons, Choices and Influences, Becoming Leaders, Real Men - Real Women, HIV/AIDS & Me, Getting Peer Education out there .

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This article first appeared on the EuRApean - Edition November 2017


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