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Dominic Tidey - EuRA COO - “Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul”
Goa beach

#EuRAGOA Global Conference 2018

In what has been a very exciting 20th year for EuRA, the buzz around the Goa Global conference was intense!  It was such a huge pleasure to be in India but greater still was the pleasure of meeting our members in such an incredible setting.  Over three days, we talked, learned, networked and made new friends.  Now in its third year, the EuRA Global Conference was the brainchild of past president Anita Meyer, who held a clear vision for her presidency which was to truly make EuRA a global organisation that was capable of representing its members all over the world.  We started in Cape Town a

Jon Harman

“Destination Services: Supporting the Experientially Blind”

Jon Harman - CORT Global Account Manager
@IAM 18


IAM 56th Annual Conference - Monuments, Memories, Milestones     Dominic Tidey Reports

The 56th annual International Association of Movers Conference has just taken place in Washington DC.  EuRA CEO Tad Zurlinden and COO Dom Tidey have been invited as special guests for the past two years and it’s been a great opportunity to build a relationship with the organisation and its members.