August 15th, 2018

InterCultural Word of the Week!

Dom Tidey, EuRA C.O.O.


The acute anxiety felt as a result of prolonged internet research into a perceived medical problem.  Cyberchondria is the result of googling WebMD for pins and needles and self diagnosing the onset of Multiple Sclerosis.  The cure?  Take WebMD off your bookmark list!


"The Book of Human Emotions" by Tiffany Watt Smith looks at how our emotions are shaped by language.  We have a feeling, but can we define that feeling without words?  Does a feeling even exist if we don't have words to define it?  In her book, Watt Smith looks at languages around the world and highlights words that express feelings that don't necessarily have a definition in English.


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Dominic Tidey is the C.O.O. of EuRA, the European Relocation Association.  EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organisation EuRA aims to promote the benefits of a professionally managed relocation to companies with globally mobile employees.

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