May 24th, 2019

MIM+ Legal Compliance

Gordon Kerr

The MIM+ module, "Legal Compliance in the Mobility Industry", is now available and recommended to all members interested in the variety of EU and national laws which affect European relocation businesses. affect European relocation businesses.

This module is available for free to all EuRA Members and all their teams on the EuRA Academy.  For information about how to access the Academy, we have a short film;

Our overall goal for this module is to explain legal issues in ways that are practical rather than technical.  In this way, we hope to provide EuRA members with a useful overview of the most relevant legal issues currently affecting their businesses.  It is impossible, of course, to cover all relevant law, as much of this is particular to individual countries.  Instead, the module offers a practical introduction to the legal issues which can arise irrespective of where in Europe (or further afield) you deliver relocation services.

The module is split into six components:

  • Data Protection 1 – what the GDPR means for relocation businesses. 
  • Data Protection 2 – practical aspects of data security and protection of privacy rights.
  • Contracts for Relocation Services – how to achieve reasonable contract terms with your clients and suppliers.
  • Managing Legal Risks – an overview of laws which can create unexpected challenges for the relocation industry, including: anti-bribery, competition law and money laundering regulations – and the role of insurance in managing risk.
  • VAT and Other Tax Issues – providing a basic understanding of how VAT works and also the impact of personal tax rules on relocation policies and practices.
  • Legal implications of starting a business and employing people outside your own country.

Within each of these six components, we provide a combination of materials which are intended to bring each topic “alive” for you.  Each component contains a slideshow introduction to the topic by Gordon Kerr, followed by a webinar interview with a colleague who has practical knowledge of the topic.  A third section, called “Resources” contains links to other, recommended web-based materials.

We hope that you will find this module to be educational – and enjoyable! 

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