August 06th, 2018

ReloTalent's Tips for Relocation Companies – Ep. 01 – Implement a Buddy System



The stress placed on assignees during relocation can cause big problems. How can relocation companies leverage a buddy system to help? By matching assignees with expats already in-country, or other employees from the same company that have recently relocated, you provide a pre-built support network.

You and your corporate clients have moved people before, so use your records to find relocation buddies in the same demographics as your newcomers. Linking families with families, and expats of similar ages ensures success. Organising meetups, breakfast, or drinks during the relocation also takes the stress off the assignee and makes the buddy system easy.

Setting up a buddy system carries no cost, and can take load off the shoulders of your HR clients as well. Remember, improving the relocation experience leads to happier and more productive assignees for your clients.


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