L'esprit d'escalier

InterCultural Word of the Week! L’esprit d’escalier

Dom Tidey EuRA C.O.O. L’esprit d’escalier

This wonderful French phrase describes that incredibly annoying feeling of thinking up the best cutting putdown or the funniest reposte in answer to someone, five minutes too late!  Literally meaning “staircase wit”, the phrase is thought to have been coined by the 18th century philosopher and wordsmith Denis Diderot, chief editor of the Encylopaedie.  He found he could only think of the best responses after walking away from an argument down the stairs (escalier) on the way out. 


Are you a Polymath? Become a Relocation Consultant!

Dominic Tidey C.O.O.

As in any industry, in ours there are many many roles.  From corporate HQ designations familiar to any multi national to the on the ground locally based relo pro, there’s a role for pretty much any experience.

But in order to inhabit the role of the on the ground relo pro (and there are many names and titles for this role, but here at EuRA we use the term Relocation Consultant or RC) you need a skill set that would rival most C-Suite execs.


InterCultural Word of the Week! Intezaar

Dom Tidey EuRA C.O.O. Intezaar

Intezaar is a Hindi word for the feeling of waiting in hopeful anticipation.  As child waiting for a milestone; “How many sleeps until my birthday?”  or waiting for Christmas.  As an adult that lovely feeling of looking forward to a trip or a vacation, seeing someone special, smelling delicious food just before a meal.  Intezaar is most frequently used in the context of love, waiting and anticipating for love to be reciprocated.


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India - Culture and Etiquette

Dom Tidey EuRA C.O.O.

We feel very privileged to be taking the EuRA Global Conference to Goa in November.  This fascinating and massively diverse culture holds great fascination the world over.  So what are the big intercultural need-to-knows before the event?  In this blog I go back to one of my passions, intercultural research, this time on Incredible India!