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It’s hard to believe that EuRA’s journey now spans two decades.  Back in 1998 at the very first conference, the idea of a pan European organisation for mobility seemed like a great idea, but with huge challenges ahead.  At those first meetings there is no doubt that the entente cordial spreading across the continent as a result of closer integration of the EU, had not yet reached our industry.  Those early founder members saw the prospect of co-existence with their direct competitors extremely challenging, preferring instead to maintain a more protectionist attitude.

Osman Qureshi

Feature: “Getting it Right with Saudization” - Osman Qureshi

Previously Saudi Arabia relied heavily on expatriates to fill the workforce, however, with currently over half the Saudi population below the age of 35, the Saudi government are looking to increase the number of nationals in the workforce. The Saudization program aims to lower the current employment rate of 12% to 7%. 

Saudization is an essential part of managing your business in Saudi Arabia, however many companies can struggle to understand and remain compliant so they can maximise on the advantages that come with successful Saudization.

Evans Relocations

Evans Relocation

Sherman Pereira - Group Relocations Director, Moscow, Russian Federation
Technology at the Heart of Relocation Companies’ Sales

Technology at the Heart of Relocation Companies’ Sales

Technology is advancing and evolving all around us, pushing its way into parts of our lives which we would never have expected 10 or 15 years ago; this is especially true in the business, and especially sales, worlds. In the global mobility sector, advances in technology are allowing service companies and supply chain management companies to integrate their networks like never before, with the leverage of industry-specific software platforms becoming a significant part of the advancement.