InterCultural Word of the Week!  Komorebi 木漏れ日

The Japanese have an extraordinary connection to nature and have developed a wonderful vocabulary to describe it.  The incorporation of the natural environment into the man-made world is a fundamental part of the aesthetic of the country, from the practice of Ikebana to the concept of the Zen Garden.  Komorebi is broken into the interpretation of three characters; 木 means tree, 漏 means escape, 日 is sun.  Komorebi is the interplay between the light of the sun and leaves and the ground, a curtain of light seen in the forest. 



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Dominic Tidey EuRA C.O.O.
Noon chi

InterCultural Word of the Week! Noon-chi 눈치

Dom Tidey EuRA C.O.O.

This is a great Korean expression, particularly pertinent to the relocation industry!  Noon-chi is the ability to be in tune with someone else’s feelings and emotions so as to gauge and give the appropriate reaction to a situation.  A person is sad to have very good noon-chi if they have empathy and the ability to read non verbal and verbal clues.  Bad noon-chi would be a person with few interpersonal skills and a lack of tact. 

T&D @IAM18

IAM 56th Annual Conference - Monuments, Memories, Milestones

The 56th annual International Association of Movers Conference has just taken place in Washington DC.  EuRA CEO Tad Zurlinden and COO Dom Tidey have been invited as special guests for the past two years and it’s been a great opportunity to build a relationship with the organisation and its members.  Many other EuRA members attend this event as it is the largest and most prestigious in the household goods calendar.  Held in the absolutely vast Gaylord Convention Centre in National Harbor Maryland, the event was host to over 1500 delegates.  The venue was incredible and as conference organise