MIM+ Training

Carmelina Lawton Smith - EuRA Strategic Consultant Education

As part of the continued EuRA mission to professionalise the relocation industry, we have increased our portfolio of MIM+ courses and in Dubrovnik were able to offer a new face-to-face course demonstrating how the Myres Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI®) might apply in the world of relocation.


Everything You Need to Know About Networking but were Afraid to Ask!

Jesper Løvendahl - Expatride International

Networking - Everything You Need to Know About Networking but were Afraid to Ask!

Most people are born introverts. Becoming an extrovert requires not only training, but also for many multiple (maybe hundreds) leaps of faith into walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself.

The Top 5 Local Guides Apps for Relocations

The Top 5 Local Guides Apps for Relocations


Let’s face it, your clients are interacting with consumer-grade experiences every day, from ride-sharing apps and interactive maps to online banking and takeaway food aggregating apps. All of these experiences inform expectations, and when our clients come to us for their relocation their prior interactions with businesses create hopes which we often fail to live up to. This does not need to be the case, however, as we now have many avenues of approach available to provide these kinds of service levels.


The Benefits of the EuRA Global Quality Seal

Martina Scharwey - Strategic Consultant EuRA Global Quality Seal

After 10 years of EuRA Global Quality Seal (EGQS), panel participants of the relocation industry: Maura Carey (Dwellworks), Oliver Clapham (clapham gmbh relocation services), Åse Löfgren Gunsten (Nordic Relocation Group), Sylvie Schmit-Verbrugghen (European Relocation Services SA) and the external Lead Auditor Jochen Muskalla (DQS GmbH), discussed its benefits regarding processes and efficiency, employees and consultants, customer relation as well as acquisition.

Processes and Efficiency