Well Being and the Mobility Process

Well Being


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Wednesday February 1st 16:00 CET

In the past the mobility process has siloed what have been termed "soft topics" and treated them as add ons for people being relocated. But times are changing. During the pandemic, companies began to see the vital importance of supporting the well being of their mobile employees and this has become one of the big shifts we've seen since 2020.

In the past these "soft topics" have been demarcated into additional and separate services such as cultural training, spouse support, business coaching. But research shows there has been a shift from work to family, from "seeing the world, growing new skills" to "health, safety and security".

In this Briefing our three panellists will look at how an integrated approach to well being in general, is the way forward in supporting the expat population and how companies are responding.

Patti McCarthy - Cultural Chemistry

Lucy Foster - Impact Group

Oliver Beswick - Beswick Relocation Services

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