November 07th, 2017

Letter from the New President

Letter from the New President

Andrew Scott - Dwellworks

As we head toward the close of 2017, I am sure we will all have varied emotions as we reflect on personal, cultural, international, and national events that have taken place, and 2018 will no doubt bring about many challenges in this respect as well. Although many say we should always look forward not backward, I prefer to follow the words of Charlotte Bronte, who wrote: “I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” 2018 brings with it EuRA’s 20th anniversary and we will be taking time in Dubrovnik to celebrate some of the many achievements and successes of the organisation and our industry over this period. When Tad opened the EuRA door for business in 1998, Amazon was only a growing online bookstore – not the virtual retail giant we see today – Google was still in its infancy, and Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp weren’t even ideas, or words in the English vocabulary. These rapid changes in technology have created new industries, businesses, and ways of communicating and, as a result, the shape and feel of our industry has also changed significantly. We must continue to evolve in a similar way, to remain competitive and relevant in our ever-changing world. 

We look forward to exploring what this can mean in our industry during our Dubrovnik conference, where we have some fabulous sessions planned on future technology, keeping communication relevant, cultural challenges, and a wide range of other intriguing subjects which align with our 2018 theme of “Embracing Change, Thriving, or Surviving”. Please do check out and log into the BRAND NEW website to see, in more detail, what is organised for what will be a fantastic conference in an amazing location.

We also have a few spaces left for the conference in Dubai, which offers a more intimate network and learning environment, so please do connect with the EuRA team if you require any more information on this event.

Finally, I wish you, your families, and friends a safe and profitable end to 2017, and I will keep looking "upward" in 2018 and beyond.


The article first appeared in the EuRApean - Edition November 2017

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