September 04th, 2018

ReloTalent's Tips for Relocation Companies – Ep. 03 – Top Tips to Win Startups as Clients



In such a competitive relocation industry, it’s essential to always seek out new niches for your business. Well-funded Start-ups are a perfect example of an untapped relocation market. These businesses are cash-rich and desperate for the quality talents that are crucial for survival in the sink-or-swim start-up arena. The reality of this; relocations are inevitable.

Most start-up funding comes from venture capital firms, making these a great place to begin your search for potential new clients.

  • Build solid relationships with funders for access to new and successful startups.
  • Leverage websites that track startup funding and LinkedIn groups for entrepreneurs in your area
  • Set up Google alerts for companies that receive financing.

Remember, however, that these are tech-focused and savvy businesses. Angle your sales approach to best represent your technology and data security to get your foot in the door.

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