April 07th, 2019

Open Workshop: Unconscious Bias in a Global Workplace

Unconscious Bias in a Global Workplace


Understanding the impact of Unconscious Bias.....

Delivered as part of our Intercultural Training Workshop Series 2019

Date:   Wednesday 8th May 2019

Time:   10:00 - 16:00 (BST)

Venue:  Farnham Castle, Surrey GU9 0AG

Complimentary, by Invitation - Please Contact Us to Register

Why attend ?

In order to understand the impact of unconscious bias at work and everyday life as well as the challenges of unconscious bias in implementing EDI strategies, and to acquire different techniques to enhance cooperation and effectiveness in a multicultural corporate culture.

Unconscious Bias in a Global Workplace is a one day experiential training programme designed to enhance effectiveness working across cultures.

The programme focuses on raising awareness of stereotypes, generalisations, and how they can lead to unconscious bias and discrimination across cultures. These can strongly impact on business relationships when working globally and in multicultural environments.  

"The course covers an understanding of culture, and highlights the cultural dimensions that help us to explain similarities as well as differences across cultures."

Who should attend?

Any business professional:

  • responsible for developing and/or managing relationships involving colleagues or partners from different countries/cultures
  • working directly with culturally diverse groups
  • working remotely with different cultures

*It is important for delegates to come to this session with an open mind.  They should be prepared to discuss topics that may be awkward, uncomfortable or that they disagree with.


At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to define unconscious bias and how it impacts behaviour surrounding prejudice, discrimination and fair play
  • Explain how unconscious bias impacts equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Clarify the key dimensions of ‘culture’, stereotypes and generalisations
  • Provide insights into cross-cultural competencies to improve participants’ effectiveness when working with colleagues, partners & customers globally
  • Illuminate the impact of unconscious bias within the workplace in their culture


Confirm your place

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Or visit: www.farnhamcastletraining.com

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